Passion in a bag…hmmm.  If only it could be so easy.

Yes, of course I’m a bit of a skeptic.  Big name to live up to.  But here we are the week before St. Valentine’s Day, and folks have love on the brain.  Or at the very least the aforementioned Passion….

In Tazo’s words, “a magical blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips, and mango & passion fruit flavours.”

Magical might go a little far…

After steeping just three minutes, the predominant taste is sour.  (Sometimes love goes o so bad. Like a nice heavy cream.)  Sour doesn’t usually conjure magic by itself, but I do taste something else too:  a hint of sweetness offered by the licorice.  Still, all (undifferentiated) things lead to the TANG, and I must admit that is one passionate tang–like lots of citric acid right in the middle of one’s tongue.

I am sorry I didn’t get a photo of the color.  It is one beautiful liquid–the loveliest shade of rose pink.  Or maybe a little darker.  Pretty color achieved through fruit juice extract.  The effect is pleasing, and it smells like it tastes, too.

In short, if passion were truly a taste, I don’t imagine my ideal tasting like this–but I’m sure someone’s would.

Variety is the spice of life, as my mother used to say…

And on that note, may your Valentine’s Day (and every day) be filled with the spicy, tangy, passion that is right for you.  kt

Lei compliments of my dear Karen G.


February 5, 2010

Hello to all those who love.
I have created some hand made, heart-centered herbal Sweets for St. Valentine’s Day this year.  Give your sweetheart something special, thoughtful and a reflection of the love you share. Here are the offerings…

Wiseleaf Damiana Honey–Damiana is a sultry herb with a knack for relaxing the nervous libido,  or enhancing an already smoldering romance.  Local honey mixed with damiana and other spicy herbs make for a delicious concoction sure to tip you over into sensuous territory.  Small sexy jar (pictured) is $5 and large is $15.

Sweetheart Tea–You decide the qualities of the tea, I create it with your love in mind.  Calming or energizing, floral or spicy?  Tell me what your sweetheart likes, and I’ll create them their own special herbal infusion.  One two ounce bag of looseleaf tea is $8.

My Heart is Yours Tea Sampler–Wiseleaf’s four newest tea blends:  My Orange Dream, Mints and Flowers, Two Delicate Blossoms, Nap in a Field, 4 bags of each yummy variety.  All herbal infusions are caffeine free.  Sixteen bags for $7

Reiki Breaky Heart Special–Half hour Reiki sessions are only $25.00 for the month of February!  This is a lovely savings of $10 for you.

To order products or services, please call 415-613-7010 and ask for Katie.

I also deeply appreiciate your referrals.  As a thank you gift, for every client you refer you’ll receive one My Heart is Yours Tea Sampler!

May we all feel love and joy in our hearts everyday.

Regardless of the others who we may be loving (or not), may we always practice the exquisite craft of self love.  Buy yourownself some tea…

PS, Who wants Damiana chocolates?  I’m going to experiment with a truffle recipe.  I’ll let you know how it goes…

Introducing:   Steep of the Week.

Here’s my concept…

I am committing to “review” one tea bag or loose leaf “tea” per week that is commercially available–taste, color, aroma, packaging, all being observed and considered.   The word tea is going to be loosely defined–I love love love green teas, but lately I have a tea dream to create delicious herbal infusions, so that is going to heavily influence the progression of teas tasted too.  The goal is to be diverse in my tasting–begin tasting what is at home and at hand, then move out from there….herbal, blacks, anything root or petal infused is fair game.

What qualifies me to do this, you might be asking? Are you a trained culinary professional?  Do you have a family member in the tea business?  Do you or have you ever worked in a tea house?  The answer to these questions is a resounding no.

But I do pay attention.  And I am always clutching my mug of tea, whether I’m playing a game of kickball or digging a hole in someone’s back yard.  Ok, ok not always possible, but it’s nearly always an arms length away.  I’ve also lived with a culinary professional for the last 7 years and that’s got to count for something.  He has taught me a thing or two.  (Thanks Nate.)

I also create custom teas for my herbal clients–I try to make them tasty, well-balanced, and infused with healing vibes.  Tasty is important so that folks will drink their medicine and enjoy the herbs that are helping to heal their health condition.

And so, without further ado, the Steep of the Week is Jasmine Downy Pearls compliments of Peet’s Coffee and Tea.

“What is that you are drinking?” is the inevitable question I get when folks smell this tea.”  I see their enchanted eyes…

The aroma of the jasmine flowers is lightly floral, a scent that drifts easily like the rain clouds I’m watching pass over twin peaks right at this moment.

This tea tastes round in my mouth, mellow, like flowers, not bitter, clean rainfall, green earth, minerals, barely sweet, barely astringent.

It tastes to me like life is just perfect right now, which I suppose is why I keep coming back again and again.  This is my daily tea.  I go out of my way to gather this tea.  I always take it “to go” so I can have my hands on the bag of orbs and steep it again at home, up to three times more…

I wonder how many sets of hands it took to get each individual cup of tea here, sitting in front of me?  This is in fact a hand rolled tea from the famed Fujian Province, China.

I keep thinking the responsible thing to do would be to find a local product for daily consumption, but there is something important to me about drinking and smelling this tea that has touched so many hands on its journey around the globe.  At this point in my life I need to feel the vastness and bigness of the world…this tea does just that–it is comforting and heavenly.  Sky and earth in one cup.

A deeply sincere thank you to all the hands that have made this cup possible. Heartily recommended.  kt

Check it out in more detail at Peets.