I’m writing this short post to let you know of a wonderful class happening in San Francisco.

Redroot blooming her head off...

If you’re in the Bay Area, California, this course is your Introduction to Herbal Medicine.

It’s offered by the Ohlone Herbal Center:


I promise you will walk away with some incredibly useful herbal information you can use to take good care of yourself and your loved ones.

This four part class will be co-taught by Anna and yours truly. We’re looking to fill a few more spots, so please consider it!  The plants need you as much as you need them.

Peace, kt

Weekly posts?  Wow.  I would like to believe I have some sort of disciplinary streak, just that it’s more artistic and less like a straight line.  But who am I really kidding?

It’s possible I’m not cut out to join the legions of fabulous, consistent, weekly blogs. Not that all those things necessarily go together, but still…

The real question that comes up for me is what the hell have I been doing in the last few weeks? I myself wish to simply remember, not recommend.  This is not like my list of fav cookbooks of all time, nor a trip through my top ten digging tools.  You don’t have to find any of this cool.

This is an exercise in memory.    I’ve been “busy”, but “busy” doing what?  And more importantly, does this late Spring early Summer “busyness” measure up to anything worthwhile and meaningful?  Or is it simply a code word for berserk?  (Or Bay Area, perhaps?)

Let’s give it (remembering!) a whirl:

~ As many of you know, I am a gardener by trade…so in the last few weeks I’ve been trying to remember to turn on everyone’s irrigation control boxes.  Whenever we move from wet to dry here in the Bay Area, California, things get a little dicey for the transitioning plants.  Remembering to turn on the false rain god is a good idea.

Pandora's (irrigation) box

~ So, once the irrigation is on, then “one” attempts to fix and streamline the irrigation. I like to disassociate for this part and refer to myself in the third person.  Keeping the irrigation repairs in the sidecar of my brain makes me feel better.

For example:   Shovel-swiped (broken) 1/2 inch lines!  Fun with malfunctioning, clogged sprinklers! Digging holes around sprinklers, only to have to test them to see what is wrong with said sprinkler, then water fills hole and one can’t find the top let alone the bottom of the sprinkler to diagnose problem.  Then mud.  Good times.  (Jen (my garden helper) and I affectionately call the irrigation the irritation.   Ah, but we are clever gals…)

Devil in disguise

~But it’s not all berserk!  I confess to  playing with my family when the weather is prime. Definitively a worthwhile endeavor.  My little guy is going to Grandma and Pop pop’s house for a whole three weeks without me.  This is very strange, and I’m feeling sentimental.

I'm going to miss this snaggle tooth on the loose!

Here is something rather profound I have discovered through parenting:  I feel much less overwhelmed by life when playing.  Also~water fights rule, and for the record I have reconsidered my position on plastic guns that load water.  I will allow my son to have one as long as I am able to defend myself in my own backyard and have a slightly better one (not bigger, just better).  I do realize that I have just slid down some slippery parenting slope.  I also know it’s not the most eco-friendly activity, but at least the plants get splashed…

~The next bit:  I have been working on this ridiculous fountain project I inherited.  It’s a long story, riddled with problems.   The short story is that it involves a lot of speculation, phone calls (poor Eli!) and sheets of slimy algae swimming around in approximately 150 gallons of water.

~I have managed to fit in a good book these last couple weeks:   Novella Carpenter’s “Farm City:  The Education of an Urban Farmer.” This is a “great summer read!”  It has all the urban farmer suspense and drama that one could ask for.  Please read this book.


~Dodging bumble bee nests! Yikes.  Those little guys get aggressive when you get between them and couple of nice flowers.

~Hosing down the back yard plants and endlessly moving pots around in my puzzle of a back yard.  (The staircase comes down smack dab in the middle of the yard space, so everything must go around and around!)

~All this berzerkedness means of course that I have been stalling out on my Wiseleaf website and marketing project. Who can concentrate on such (droll) things when there is a six year old begging you to have a water fight with him? Perhaps I’ll get that momentum back when the rains (or the fog) come again. 

For now, there’s too much to do in the garden.  Or maybe it’s simply time to eat some ice cream on the back steps.