Hi all.  It’s time to offer some more tasty handmade herbal concoctions.  Hope these help you to soak up the sun and celebrate the rebirth we are now experiencing.  Welcome Spring!

It's thyme for tea...

Spring Me Tea:  Local garden thyme and Meyer lemon peel meet dandelion leaf and mint to create this refreshingly subtle sweet blend.  I’m working hard to keep it local, so check out this lovely thyme from Auntie Leslie’s garden.

Medicinal Properties:  This tea helps to gently awaken the mind, stimulate circulation, and kick that lingering winter cold out the door for good, as thyme is anti-microbial and a “noble strengthener of the lungs” (N. Culpepper.)

One ounce of loose leaf tea (makes approximately 25 cups)  is $8.00.

Limited supply. Get it while it’s hot.

And now, chocolate meets herbs…

Imagine the most delicious chocolate truffle made better by the addition of an herbal cordial.  Medicine comes in all forms, baby!!!

FYI:  This truffle recipe is compliments of the Zuni crew, and is made with delicious whole foods like fresh cream, butter, and lots of fair trade dark chocolate.  Sorry vegans.

Chocolate Truffles with Herbal Spring Pizazz: Delicious chocolate truffles infused with herbal liqueur.  Read on…

Where’s the pic?  Here it is on Em’s lovely, full-bodied cooking blog!


My rendition of her truffles will include two herbie flavors!

-Chocolate infused with Grappa, hibiscus blossom, Meyer lemon zest, Elder and Schisandra berries, and coated in more dark chocolate with a fancy cocoa powder dusting.

-Chocolate infused with brandy, rosehips, rose and hibiscus blossoms. This one is coated in milk chocolate with a cocoa powder/ground rose petal dusting.

Twelve (generous) truffles, 6 of each flavor, for $15.00

PS (The centers are chocolatey soft but not juicy–the alcohol content is kept low.  In other words, cordial is not going to explode all over that cute spring outfit you wore to your Dolores park picnic with your new spring lover…ok?  I got your back.

Ordering details: Place your order now!  Ordering deadline is Sunday March 28th.  Your delicious goodies will be made to order, and available for you to pick up at my home in the Mission, SF April 2 between 5-8pm.  Call me if you need shipping or special treatment.  We can talk.

Wiseleaf, Katie Delwiche, 415-613-7010 wiseleafherbal@gmail.com


February 5, 2010

Hello to all those who love.
I have created some hand made, heart-centered herbal Sweets for St. Valentine’s Day this year.  Give your sweetheart something special, thoughtful and a reflection of the love you share. Here are the offerings…

Wiseleaf Damiana Honey–Damiana is a sultry herb with a knack for relaxing the nervous libido,  or enhancing an already smoldering romance.  Local honey mixed with damiana and other spicy herbs make for a delicious concoction sure to tip you over into sensuous territory.  Small sexy jar (pictured) is $5 and large is $15.

Sweetheart Tea–You decide the qualities of the tea, I create it with your love in mind.  Calming or energizing, floral or spicy?  Tell me what your sweetheart likes, and I’ll create them their own special herbal infusion.  One two ounce bag of looseleaf tea is $8.

My Heart is Yours Tea Sampler–Wiseleaf’s four newest tea blends:  My Orange Dream, Mints and Flowers, Two Delicate Blossoms, Nap in a Field, 4 bags of each yummy variety.  All herbal infusions are caffeine free.  Sixteen bags for $7

Reiki Breaky Heart Special–Half hour Reiki sessions are only $25.00 for the month of February!  This is a lovely savings of $10 for you.

To order products or services, please call 415-613-7010 and ask for Katie.

I also deeply appreiciate your referrals.  As a thank you gift, for every client you refer you’ll receive one My Heart is Yours Tea Sampler!

May we all feel love and joy in our hearts everyday.

Regardless of the others who we may be loving (or not), may we always practice the exquisite craft of self love.  Buy yourownself some tea…

PS, Who wants Damiana chocolates?  I’m going to experiment with a truffle recipe.  I’ll let you know how it goes…