Now, many are under the impression that all gardeners are potheads.  Especially Norcal gardeners…but it’s not true.  Case in point:   I am way more into Kava, personally.  Or Valerian.

Kava!  The talk-talk herb of the South Pacific, Hawaii and Polynesia.   The herb of negotiation, and conversation.  Ingesting Kava is very different than getting stoned…have you ever stopped to think what a weird metaphor “getting stoned” is ? (At least it is for me, coming from my ex-Catholic persuasion.   Martyrs were stoned to death.  Most herbs are friendlier than that, no?)

Think, dear reader, of how different your social life would be if instead of getting stoned, you got conversational….?????

Regardless, this lovely herb called Kava plays a predominant role in Yogi Kava Stress Relief tea.  And it does its job well.  My mouth is tingling slightly (characteristic of Kava), and my cares are melting away.   (Just like they promised on the package~you can drink as much as you want (as long as you’re not liver compromised or pregnant) and can even use TWO teabags for extra-stressful moments.  Packaging can be so helpful!)

If I had spasming muscles, I think they might have stopped after 2 to 4 cups of this tea (also a lovely effect created by Kava.)

If I had to complain a little, this tea is a tad too licorice-y (too sweet in the back of my throat) for me personally, but otherwise I like it very much.  Carob pod and hazelnut (flavor) only help~mmmmm…

A special thanks to Mieze for prompting my interest in this  tea..

Check it out: