Hello dear ones.  Yes, you.

The Short Story

My interests are Western and Clinical Herbalism, gardening, and the intersection of the aforementioned two…a chronicling of the story of plants and people.   Garden lore.  Trusty old tools.  Tea dreams.  Herbs as healing foods.  Plants as spirit keepers.


The Long Story

Is still being written.  It is in the pages of this blog.  You’ll find posts that run the fenceline… Herbal infusions.  Aphids as real critter and metaphor.  The struggle for balance and harmony that all beings experience (ah, homeostasis!) Medicines for the body, spirit, and soul.

I write when I am inspired, so the posts are at the whimsy of many things that I won’t burden you with.  (Life.)  Still, life is the inspiration for this blog.  I hope that much comes through…

Your commentary is a welcome part of this conversation.   What would you like to hear about in relationship to being in relationship?  Let me know.  Join me on the path.

Our medicine can move and delight us.  We can choose to participate in our health. 

Wiseleaf is Katie Delwiche, 4200 18th St., Ste. 204, San Francisco, CA 94114

I provide Western Herbal Consultations and Herbal formulations–custom extract, herbal tea and bath blends





*I am also on call at Cavallo Point, The Lodge at the Golden Gate, Saulsalito, CA.

Looking forward to meeting you in some form.


One Response to “The Story”

  1. Nora Tong Says:

    Hello Katie,
    My name is Nora. I’m a friend of Maggie that works at Cavallo. She gave me a little jar of your wonderful herbal infusion “Chill Pills”. I’d love to buy some more of it from you. I see that you’re right here in the City. I live just over on Dolores St . Please let me know how you sell your infusions.Thanks, Nora

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