January 21, 2014

How’s the fall out from the holidays going for you?

Are you feeling invigorated by the new year?  (Gosh I hope so.)  Or are you feeling like  a dull pencil, worn out from the celebrations, the scribblings, and too much togetherness?  Maybe too many cookies?  I must say it all sounds familiar…


I wanted to do something nice for you to help transition the calendar year, and all of the accompanying thoughts and beliefs that come along with this time.   We are prone to such highs and lows after the holidays.  They are in fact over, and we are the same mostly.  But we have some different feelings too.  Different ambitions and thoughts.


If you live in Northern California, the weather is a handy example.  The endless days of warm sunshine keep us feeling hopeful (the high part),  but the evenings are even colder than we are used to with the clear dry weather (the low bit).   We want the endless sun of course (it makes us feel so good), but we desperately need the rain and are headed straight for a serious drought if we don’t get it.   You mean it can’t just be sunny forever?  No, I guess not.


I must confess,  my personal tendency has been not to think about it too hard–to just enjoy the warm sun, this beautiful weather.   I don’t want to think about our lack of rain…the dark side of all that light.  Things are getting darn right crispy out there, organisms are struggling to survive.


But I know that if I can practice keeping both tendencies (light/dark, high/low)  in mind, I can stay more balanced because I can accept the existence and the interplay of these two extremes.   It will rain again eventually, and we’ll get to feel all that come with that too:  the cold water on our  skin, the difficulties in getting around, the confused traffic, and the collective relief that the green things will feel around us.


We are the same, but we are a work in progress too.  The sun and the rain are mirror elements of our personal work.  Sometimes we are on top, filled with the possibilities of change.  And sometimes we are so stuck change seems like a distant speck on the horizon.  We are human after all, and this is a very human cycle that we all go through.  Extremes are a part of living.

And so in the spirit of this New Year transitional duality, I am wanting to offer you…

 A Reiki 2-fer:
Two 50 minute reiki sessions for the price of one.  Gift one to a friend or keep both for you!  Unstick the stuck. $95

Herbal chai, a “clean house” tea:  burdock, elderberry, fennel seed, cardamom, ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, star anise.  A wonderful tea for helping to stay on track with that New Year’s Revolution–spicy, sweet, with a “built-in” tea ritual to help you stay rooted.  $15

Message in a Bottle:  let’s chat on the phone and talk about your health goals for 2014 (emotional, spiritual, physical).  Then I will customize a herbal extract for you, $25 for 2 oz.

It’s a good time to renovate the temple…xoxo, kt

(Get in touch if you’d like to order:  415.613.7010, wiseleafherbal@gmail.com)


Inspiration steeped in fog

August 22, 2011

Well, it’s been ages.  The title of this post is a dead giveaway that my own inspiration seems to be coming and going with the fog here in Northern California.  In and out, not always burning brightly until 3pm, and then only for an hour or so.  Inspiration is a thin, smudged-up hard to open window these days.  Still, it’s a window.

After a frantic early summer, I have literally been head down in the garden, working the dirt and working it some more.  Learning these lessons again and again:  beginnings, leavings, plants gracefully growing and sometimes tragically ending.   Mildewy bud upon mildewy leaf.  Such is the way of the garden, and it is not always easy to accept.  (Like the fog.)

Still, there are glimmers of loveliness and some clear blue skies (which are always a guaranteed inspiration for me.) And of course the fog itself has very important things to offer:

First of all,  a deep and lasting, quiet.  I love how it becomes a buffer for city sounds.  Instant auditory insulation.  Amen.

Then there are the soaked bumblebees early in the morning.  There is something so dearly vulnerable about their damp, slow bodies.  They are a metaphor…we must move slowly through this dense blanket.  Buzzing is for warm days.

With the fog we don’t need to water our gardens as much.  And topical moisture is very nice for the skin.  I know you are appreciating my optimism here, but of course there is a cold side…

When it’s foggy, it feels to me like the world has been turned inside out and we are surrounded by our inner lives.   No more turning from the shadowy side of our existence.  It’s damn foggy.  The fog is in (us)!  It can be spooky sometimes.  Grumbly.  Nurturing.  Either way, it’s always a teachable moment, asking us to take a closer look at ourselves, as we can’t see the nearest (any)thing.

And so, while I work on developing my patented “Fog Suit” (No, I am really not kidding),  I thought in the meantime I would make a fog serum.  Because it never hurts to have a little help from our (plant) friends.   A lovely extract of Lemon balm, St. John’s Wort, and Ashwagandha.  Stamina for the fog, in a bottle.  One ounce is $10.00.  Available in fog-sized quantities, whatever that means to you.  To order call 415.613.7010 or email at wiseleafherbal@gmail.com.   Shipping available.

Photographs by the wonderful Daniel Norris.  Thanks Dr. Dan.